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3" 210W Solar Submersible Bore Pump with 200W solar panel & 20m cable Package & free delivery

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35.00 KGS
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Solar pump package include;

1 x200W mono crystalline A grade solar panel.
3" 210W/36V stainless steel solar pump with 20M fitted power cable
Auto control box
One spare helical screw rotor
2x MC4 extension cable for solar panel connect to control box
1 x 40M & 1 x10M combined water sensor ( one for bore and other for tank)
User manual
24 months (Pump&Control Box) back to base (Sydney) warranty.

This Solar pump package is suitable for bore deep from 10m-35Mm. Daily water flow calculate base on 6-8 hours peak sun per day in winter and 8-10 hours in summer.

Heads      L/min     Gallon/h

30m           8L         106
20m          10L        133
10m          12L        160

Pump recommended not more than 20m dynamic head.

Solar Pump Specifications:

Pump power: 210W/36V-DC
Pump type: Helical screw rotor
Outlet: 3/4"
Weight: 10kg
Dimension: 76mm x 400mm
Maximum Submerge depth : <30m

Auto control box specifications;

Water level control of tank and bore by sensors
Motor speed adjustable
Low power protection
Solar and/or batteries power input option
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking system
Allow input power voltage up to 100V/DC (solar panel open circuit maximum voltage)
Optional backup battery 36V/DC


200W solar panel dimension: 1580 x 808 x 35 mm. Weight: 16Kg


You have to get below items locally: ( package do not include)

1, A stainless steel wire( called safety cable) to hold pump in bore. If pump water from dam or river. A float set up has required

2, Panels frames to support solar panels.
3, Poly pipe from pump to water tank.


This solar pump is suitable for 3" or large bore.It is used for pumping water from the rivers, dams, creeks and springs and to transfer water from one site to another.
It is easy to install, all plug and go and cost nothing to run after installation.
This helical rotor pumps do not require expensive converters and batteries to operate, however the controller will allow the use of storage batteries if required.


240V/AC to 48V/DC converter This converter allow solar pump run with generator ( in accessories categories).

Solar pump and auto control box manual can be found from our website "Manuals-Guides-pump Curves"

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  • 5
    Best Pumps Ever 3" 210W Solar Submersible.

    Posted by Richard Priestley on 31st May 2020

    This is the third identical pump I have purchased , I have never had any trouble. The first pump I bought about five years ago, it pumps bore water on my sheep and cropping farm in Western Australia, it has now pumped some 2.7 million liters and still has the original helical screw rotor.

  • 5
    Perfect little pump and servive

    Posted by Michael on 5th Feb 2020

    I purchased this little 3 inch pump approx. 7 years ago it has worked extremely well. My only problems have been from mother nature the first time ants invaded the control box while it was turned on and shorted it out, then a cyclone bent the railway line I was using to hold the solar panel and control box drowning it in the flooded water. Every time this has happened Bobby and his staff have always fixed my problem very quickly and returned it back to me near Rockhampton. I would recommend this pump and company to all my family and friends.

  • 4
    Pump great, kit requires extra solar panel

    Posted by Belinda Reynolds on 4th Jan 2019

    Within the listing, there is nothing explaining that the 190w panel is not enough to pump water from a 25m well. After calling the number we were informed we did need to buy another panel. The instructions on the control box are minimal. Still not quite sure how the battery charging works, and if it works while powering pump. Needed far more wiring for sensors. Pump works great, tank full/well empty sensors work well.

  • 5
    jacko's solar pumps

    Posted by rex ernest jackson on 7th Oct 2018

    They are very good and priced right and they are almost faultless!

  • 4
    Working well despite wrong cables supplied.

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2017

    Just a small complaint-- wrong cables supplied two shorts instead of a long and a short. Should there be a non return valve fitted ? Otherwise working well.

  • 5
    Drought Beater Tuhorse Pump

    Posted by Linda Davis on 26th Nov 2016

    While I'm away at work the Tuhorse pump kicks in at about 9.30 am and quietly pumps away greening my yard via a long soaker hose. It's brilliant! All I need to do is shift the soaker hose to a new spot and add a little lime because the bore water is slightly acidic, and my yard is beautiful and green with so little effort. In fact I'm loaded with ripening bananas, pawpaws and passionfruit thanks to the Tuhorse pump.

  • 5
    Tuhorse pump -terrific

    Posted by Linda Davis on 3rd Aug 2016

    I can keep my garden green even with the water restrictions we have in Townsville. All it takes is to change the hoses around to supply long soaker hoses and re-position them occasionally. The quiet hum of the pump starts up at about 9 am and it keeps pumping until the panel is shaded by a roof at about 1pm -and that's a good thing to prevent flooding!

  • 5
    Great pump

    Posted by Trev on 28th Jan 2016

    I've had mine for 2 years or so now and it's an absolute beaut. I've just bought the 240/48V generator for it because the sun doesn't shine often enough to keep up with my market garden, so now I can pump all day and all night if I so desire. Love it

  • 5
    Great Pumps

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Nov 2015

    We have 2 pumps on bores and both are working well has saved a lot of fuel running petrol pumps. They are keeping up to the cattle using the bores. Were easy to install and set up.