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4" 3HP/2.2KW/415V Submersible Bore Pump BX-30 (Free Delivery)

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29.00 KGS
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 Submersible bore pump package include: 3HP 415V/50Hz motor, BX-30/3HP pump  and auto control box.

Model:                       TH95-BX-30
Voltage :                   Three Phase 415V/50Hz
Current:                     6.2A
Max Heads:              209m
Max Flow:                 90L/min or 5400/hrs
Inlet/Outlet:                1.25"
Weight:                      29Kg
Motor cable:              3m flat 4 wire water proof cable
Pump Dimension:    1390mm x 100mm
Warranty:                   12 months return to base warranty in Australia


This Tuhorse Pump diameter 4"/100mm. It is suitable for a 5" or large bore well. Designed for domestic clean water use. Better pump preformace are from 50m to 170m deep. Maximum delivery: 5,400L/h water at 50m.

Litres per minute      Heads or Depth of Bore
20  lpm                                197m
25  lpm                                192m
30  lpm                                187m
35  lpm                                179m
40  lpm                                173m
45  lpm                                164m
50  lpm                                155m
60 lpm                                 134m
70 lpm                                 109m
75 lpm                                  96m
80 lpm                                  82m
90 lpm                                 10m-50m


All three phase submersible bore pump comes standard with auto control box. It can be used with or without control box.


The three phase control box is built in current and voltage gauge, 6 water sensors to detect either bore or tank's water level.


Please follow below link to select recommended size of power cable;
Drop Cable Selection Table:


Installation Guide: