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4" 3HP Wet End BX-30 (Free Delivery)

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9.00 KGS
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This pump end is also compatible with Franklin 3HP or 4HP motor.

Pump requires work with 3HP or 4HP motor (240V or 415V).
Model:                                Tuhorse TH-BX-30
Maxiumum heads:            209m

Maximum flow:                  90L/min
Impeller stage:                   30
Outlet:                                 1.25"

Dimension:                        1180x95mm

Litres per minute      Heads or Depth of Bore
20  lpm                                197m
25  lpm                                192m
30  lpm                                187m
35  lpm                                179m
40  lpm                                173m
45  lpm                                164m
50  lpm                                155m
60 lpm                                 134m
70 lpm                                 109m
75 lpm                                  96m
80 lpm                                  82m
90 lpm                                 10m-50m

BX-30   (BX-Series) pump curve


Pump material:

Delivery door & Suction support:          Brass alloy
Shaft:                                                        Stainless Steel $431
Pump Body, Cable cover:                      Stainless Steel #304
Filter, Shaft coupling:                              Stainless Steel #304
Bushing:                                                   Stainless Steel #420
Impeller:                                                    High intensity plastic-POM
Diffuser:                                                    High intensity plastic -PC