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Solar panel price alert

Posted by bobby on 4th Nov 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for many industries and there is no exception for solar pump businesses. Several factors have impacted the cost of production for solar panels during the pandemic. The increase in material cost has driven up the production cost of most products, which in turn results in a rise on market price.

Another major factor that cause price change for solar panels is the increase in freight cost. Compared to previous years, international freight cost has increased at least double or triple, while all national shipping courier have updated their service rates. With both the import cost and delivery cost increases, the market price would general also increase.

Despite the rapid rise in cost, we will always try our best to keep the lowest price possible for all products. At Tuhorse Australia, our number one priority is to maintain our customer satisfaction of both the quality and the competitive price for our products.

For quote and price enquiries, please contact us via email at or phone on 02-80052823.