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What is Total Dynamic Head (TDH)?

Posted by Ben on 28th Oct 2020

The Total Dynamic Head (TDH) is the total equivalent height that water need to lift vertically while also taking into account the friction losses in the pipe. You can use our TDH calculator to precisely estimate the Total Head for your pumping job here :

Below will explain the details for each input to calculate the Total Head for your pumping job.

Flow Rate: The approximate fluid volume transfer rate, which is simply how much water is pumping out the bore or flowing inside the pipe.

Pipe Diameter: The diameter dimension of the pipe connecting to the pump. The most common pipe sizes are either ¾ inch or 1 inch in diameter. For long distancing water transfer, it better to use the larger diameter pipe to reduce friction loss.

Pipe length: The total length of the pipe line. The longer the distance water needs to transfer inside the pipe, the more friction needs to be accounted for in the calculation for Total Dynamic head. If the pipe length is less than 1000m, friction losses in the pipe is negligible.

Differential Elevation: This is defined as the total vertical height difference between the lowest point to the highest point of the pipe line. Generally, this is the same as the vertical lift distance difference between where the pump is at down the bore up to the top of the tank.

Pipe Material: This input allows you select all the basic material option for pipe line that will be connected to the pump.

(PVC is usually the default choice for pumping choice as it is fairly inexpensive and durable)

Pressure tank (optional): Only applicable when a pressure tank is used to store water under pressure. The pressure can be input as either KSI or kPa.

Total Dynamic Head (TDH): This is estimated the total head based on all the provided inputs above. Using this estimated Total Head and the desired water amount, you can compare a range of pumps by Tuhorse to select the most suitable solution for your pumping job.

Depends on your water supply needs, Tuhorse Australia stock a wide range of pumping solution for all application that required up to 120m of Total Dynamic head.

If you need help with calculating the Total Dynamic Head or if there is any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or phone on 02-80052823.