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Motor and pump info


3",4" and 6" Electric bore pump and motor characters;

Electric Motor:

Conform to international standard of IEC34-ICE, whole blocked asynchronous motor squirrel cage rotor.
Outer shell, shaft and bottom made of stainless steel.
Copper alloy upper and bracket
stainless steel 304 housing
Sweden SKF thrust bearing undertaken higher thrust load.
Italy BT mechanical seals.
Pressure automatic adjusting device made of oil and waterproof reformed butyl rubber.
Flange connector conform to the standard of NEMA
Lacquer-coated wire conformed to USA standard of NEMA MW37-C.
Degree of protection: IP68
Insulation: Class B ( 6" motor class F)
Maximum Ambient temperature:35 degree.
Minimum cooling flow along the motor: 8cm/sec.
Water PH: 6.5-8.0
Maximum starts per hour: 30 ( 6" motor 20/h)
Maximum submerged: 100m
Motor protection  by ytemperature compensated thermal relay and extra-quick trip overlaod
Overload trip time:
<10 Second (whenload is 5 times of rating current)
Flat water proof 4 wires power cable (include earth wire)
Can be instead of Franklin motor.
Oil cooling motor with ROHS. (6" 15HP motor are water cooling)

Electric submersible pumps:

The impellers and the diffusers are in high intensity plastic POM material.
Delivery door and suction support in alloy copper.
Shaft (431#), Coupling (329#), Pump body (304#) are stainless steel.
Check valve: In plastic.
Bolt and nut: In stainless steel 304.
Diffuser: high intensity plastic -PC/PPO with stainless steel in the mididdle.
Bearing: wear resistant rubber.
Bushine: stainless steel
Filter: stainless steel 304
All pumps can fit in Franklin motor
Maximum permissible content oof suspended sand:100g/m3
The bearings are in ceramic/rubber lubricated by the water circulation.
Check valve is incorporated in the delivery body with threaded outlet. The coupling Pump-motor is according to NEMA regulations.