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Q & A


How do I choose the right pump?

Pumps come in a range of power ratings (horsepower / watts) and we supply a range of models for each of level of power. When choosing a suitable pump for you, the key is to get maximum flow or head using the minimum level of power. The term ‘pump head’ refers to the pressure that the pump is capable of producing while the power rating refers to the level of electricity required for functionality.

However, when looking at pump flow rates and heads, it is important to take note of the pump curve and evaluate which model is most suitable for you. Some models may provide you with high head (more pressure) but low flow rates while others will supply high water flow with lower head (less pressure).

How you go about choosing your pump will depend on the distance to your water tank and the surrounding environment and circumstances. For a calculation of how many heads you require, you will be required to work out the distance between your pump and the ground, distance to the water tank and whether or not you will be directly connecting that with your taps/sprinklers. We understand that there are a number of factors to take into account and will be happy to assist you in choosing the right model for your particular situation.

Why buy from us?

You will be buying directly from a specialised pump importer who distributes these products nationally. We take care of our customers and always deliver on quality.

We carry a full range of bore pumps (from 3” to 6”, 0.5HP to 15HP) with a number of models for you to choose from for each power rating.

We also have a physical shopfront where you can come directly to buy/pick up your pumps. This also provides you with a physical point of contact for any service issues that may arise after your purchase.


How are your products different to others?

We only stock premium pumps from manufacturers who invest heavily in staying at the forefront of technology. The pumps we sell have been produced using the latest Italian technology and are sold all across Europe, the U.S and Australia. We urge you to compare our pump specifications (including the materials used).


Why do your pumps only come with 1.5M cables?
If you take a look at the Grundfos or other branded bore pumps out in the market, they all come with 1.5M waterproof submersible cables as opposed to a regular 40m power cable. There are two main reasons for this.


  1. The 1.5m waterproof power cable (copper wires filled with glue) is entirely water resistant and will stop water from going into the motor when the cable is damaged. Using a normal non-waterproof power cable to connect directly to the motor will often cause problems to the pump as the cables can get damaged in the bore. If this happens, water will permeate into the power cable and cause the motor to totally burn out. The waterproof cable stops this from happening by acting as a barrier to the water entering the motor itself.
  2. The power cable that you will need extended and is depended on the power rating of the pump as well as the length of the cable you require. Please see our cable selection tables for more information or speak to us about what is best for you.


To accommodate for the different power ratings and the different lengths of cables you may need, we carry the following types of power cables:

  • 1mm x 4
  • 1.5mm x 4
  • 2.5mm x 4
  • 4mm x 4 wires
    For $55, We can Also assist you with joining cables together.