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Solar Bore Pumps

* * * We are still open and shipping orders.  However, there may be some small delays in delivery times due to Covid-19 Restrictions * * *

At Tuhorse, we recognise renewable energy as the way of the future.  In Australia, we are blessed with the sun so why not put it to work for us?

When the sun shines onto your solar panels, DC power is generated which is then transferred through attached pump wires to a pump control box.  The Tuhorse pump controller is essentially the brains of the system (think of it like a remote for your TV).  The pump control box powers the pump to push and pump water to the surface.  Our control box also has additional advanced features such as in-built low well and full storage tank sensors as well as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which monitors the solar panel performance and systematically makes adjustments in order to calculate and maintain maximum performance.  The MPPT feature improves overall system efficiency, particularly in low light or overcast conditions. If you want more details on how to read the Turhose control box, click here

The best pump for your needs will depend on the total vertical distance you need the pump to push water, the pressure you need the pump to generate and the total water you require each day. 

Contact our experienced team today who can help design, customise and recommend a cost effective, flexible pump solution for your water needs.