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Solar panels shortage

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We almost run out of solar panels at moment. New shipment will arrive end of October.

For all CMS ( Carbon Management Solution) Solar pump customers:

Tuhorse Solar Pumps and  CMS Solar Pumps are made by same manufacture. We are the official distributor in Australia. New version of Solar Pumps are more reliable and much better quality. We will take care of all CMS customers. Please feel free to contact us for any service issue. CMS Model              [...]

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Tuhorse Solar Pump with 190w Solar panles

Most panels on the market produce 250W of power compared to your 190W. Why should we choose 190W?Because of our Solar Pump specifications, it is optimal to choose 190W solar panels over 250W. In many of our Solar Pump configurations you can achieve the wattage and voltage requirements with a combination of 190W panels without excess.In greater detail, the optimal wattage required [...]

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Why we choose 190W Mono Crystallite Solar Panel

 Solar Panel 190W Mono over 250W Mono/Poly – CrystallineWhy use Mono Crystalline over Poly Crystalline Solar Panel?The main reason to choose mono over poly crystalline is due to the differences in space and power efficiency. The process in fabricating mono crystalline solar panels leads to a more efficient rate in power output. The highest grade silicon is used to make mono [...]

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Solar Pumps with Batteries connection

Tuhorse Solar Pumps ( 36V/48V) have the option to connect batteries as well as your solar panels. We recommend using deep cycle batteries. Make the total voltage 36V or 48V depending on your solar pump’s rated power.For example, for a 48V Solar Pump, you need to have 4 of 12V batteries and connect them in series, making a [...]

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New Solar Pump Shipment Arrived.

Our new shipment have arrived today. All outstanding Solar Pump orders will dispatch either today or tomorrow (Friday 13/05/2016).Tuhorse Pumps 

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New Solar Pump Shipment Coming Soon.

We currently run out of stock in model 3"210W screw Solar Pumps. New shipment will arrive early of May. All orders of 3"210W solar pump will dispatch on 10/05/2016.26-04-2016 

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Holiday Break

Due to the Christmas and New Years Holidays, Tuhorse Australia will closed from 14 Dec 2015 to 18 Jan 2016. We note that orders for the year must be placed and paid before or on 8 Dec 2015. Despatch of orders following this date will recommence next year on 18 Jan 2016.  

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