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Solar Bore Pumps Australia

In the age of science and technology advanced solar bore pumps Australia are a tremendous solution to every sort of issue regarding water availability which is highly demanded across the globe due to its features as easy installation, minimum maintenance, consumption of solar energy which is available abundantly free of cost and saves electricity. It is definitely a step ahead and an achievement for our upcoming next generations. With leading solar bore pumps for sale our team here at Tuhorse are dedicated professionals in providing you with phenomenal water solutions. Economically and efficiently pumping clean or rainwater, bore water or dam water into water tanks, irrigation systems or troughs. That is their primary function.



-        Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of bore pumps

-        Highly regarded solar pump systems

-        Leading client support and guidance on all the “how’s” and “why’s”

-        Transparency with all products and pumps

-        Great knowledge of the SA region


Among uncountable brands, manufacturers and suppliers, ‘Tuhorse’ has always been recommended as the most authentic, reliable and leading solar bore pump manufacturer and excellent service provider throughout Australia since its coming into existence. Our experienced, devoted and proficient employees provide the latest ideas through applying advanced technology and with our large accumulation of newest devices, with a view to bring out the safest, most efficient and durable products.


Transparency, engineering excellence and overall professionalism are all synonymous traits here at Tuhorse and we take pride in our solar bore pumps and supply to south Australia systems and offer reliable products. Most of the products that are sold through our website come with free national- wide delivery. All products are covered for 12 months and solar pump packages cover for 24 months back to base (Sydney) warranty. For more information on our solar bore pumps in south Australia feel free to contact us directly. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to browse our website for more details on our pumps and systems.