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Solar Pumps Western Australia


In the age of science and technology advanced solar pumps are a tremendous solution to every sort of issue regarding water availability which is highly demanded across the globe by its peerless features as easy installation, minimum maintenance, consumption of solar energy which is available abundantly free of cost and saves electricity. It is definitely a step ahead and an achievement for our upcoming next generations. With leading solar pumps Western Australia for sale our team here at Tuhorse are dedicated professionals in providing you with the utmost phenomenal water solutions.


Tuhorse THS series submersible solar powered water pumps eliminate the need to be on a power grid at very competitive prices. In a typical livestock farm, a one-time affordable investment on a Tuhorse green energy water system can immediately save you money, and save more in the years to come. Tuhorse solar pumps are ideal replacements for windmills as well. Tuhorse solar pump WA full kits are packaged to save you time and money.


They are tested for components to fit and work! Backed with our two-year warranty, THS series solar pumps are reliable, efficient and cost effective. Choices are from as simple as a 3" 210W with 1 PV panel to a 4" 1000W with multiple PV panels to suit your application. Solar pumps are expected to maximize the usage of the sun’s energy during the day. A setup with a large holding tank is recommended. On a sunny day, 6 hours of pumping can produce over 6000 gallons with one of our larger pumps. The finest solar pump WA you will get!


Our Solar pumps distributed across Western Australia are built with reliability, engineering excellence and overall professionalism are all synonymous traits here at Tuhorse and we take pride in our solar pumps WA systems and offer reliable products. Most of the products that are sold through our website come with free national- wide delivery. All products are covered by 12 months and solar pump packages covered by 24 months back to base (Sydney) warranty. For more information on our solar pumps in Australia and Western Australia, feel free to contact us directly. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to browse our website for more details on our second to none pumps and systems.