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Solar Submersible Pump Kit For Sale

Welcome to Tuhorse. We are an Australian based distributor of Solar Pumps, Submersible Bore Pumps, Pool Pumps and Water Pressure Pumps. With headquarters in both Australia and Canada, our pumps have travelled far and wide bound with quality and effectiveness. Tuhorse prides itself for providing not only a quality assured product suited for your personal needs, but a reliable service program. Whether you are interested in becoming a reseller or simply a home user, please feel free to contact us.


Our expertise spans over many industries, hence why we have a diverse approach to all projects. We have stabilised our reputation and administer leading submersible pump kits and solar water pump kits that are tailored to your specifications required.




-        Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of bore pumps

-        Leading submersible pump kit and solar water pump kits for sale.

-        Highly regarded submersible water pumps Australia systems

-        Leading client support and guidance on all the “how’s” and “why’s”

-        Transparency with all products, pumps and pump kits

-        Technologically advanced. We utilise tech to our advantage.

-        Plentiful years of experience and dedicated employees

-        Safe, durable and impeccable submersible bore pumps

-        State of the art customer service and assistance with all products


By spanning and extending our services to the US and Canada we have really grasped the industry and have diversified our knowledge and have gained the respect of the a broad market when it comes to solar water pump kits and pumps. If you are in the market seeking solar submersible pump kits for sale then you have hit the jackpot. With over 40 years of combined experience in the industry and extensive knowledge from our engineers and staff members, our leading team manufactures world-class water pumps and pumping systems certified to environmental standard ISO 14001. We go above and beyond to ensure that our submersible water pumps and kits Australia are of the highest quality. Call us, now!