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Solar Submersible Pumps Australia

A water bore or well is usually a man-made opening into the ground to enable access to bore water contained in an aquifer (underground water). Areas throughout Australia rely on this bore water resource for stock, irrigation of crops, sporting grounds, gardens, drinking water, household and many other uses. When it comes to installing, assessing and accurately administering submersible bore pumps or even solar submersible pumps Australia we are the leading choice.


Here at Tuhorse, we have been selecting, supplying and installing submersible bore pumps Australia and pump control systems for a number of years. We specialise in sizing and selecting the best pumps from our extensive range of quality, reliable products and supplying the package in a ready to install kit form, if required. We have supplied kits and installed pumps throughout Australia, PNG and the Pacific, often delivering water in remote areas where mains power is not available. With leading solar bore pumps for sale in QLD our team here at Tuhorse are dedicated professionals in providing you with phenomenal water solutions.


Generally in areas of low rainfall, without mountain ranges and rivers the aquifer systems are harder to access due to their depth and often contain water of high salinity. Our major cities and towns were established in areas where good water could be obtained from rivers, creeks and hand dug wells. Hence why you need a leading solar submersible pump!


Solar submersible pump systems built with accuracy, engineering excellence and overall professionalism are all synonymous traits here at Tuhorse and we take pride in our solar submersible bore pumps in Australia and offer reliable products. Most of the products that are sold through our website come with free nation wide delivery. All products are covered for 12 months and solar pump packages are covered for 24 months back to base (Sydney) warranty. For more information on our solar submersible bore pumps in and throughout Australia feel free to contact us directly. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to browse our website for more details on our pumps and systems.