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Solar Water Pumps For Sale


Getting grid power to a location where you need a pump is often not cost effective or practical. Whether you have a dam down the hill, a bore in the field, or a tank at the end of your property, in most cases you cannot choose the location of your pump. You can, however, choose the power source. Here at Tuhorse we administer leading solar water pumps for sale that are robust and will last a lifetime. We never compromise on quality and ensure that our solar powered water pump Australia systems are always innovating and assisting our clientele. Economically and efficiently pumping clean or rainwater, bore water or dam water into water tanks, irrigation systems or troughs, That is their primary function.


While water is a scarce commodity in much of Australia, sunlight is almost constantly in abundance, particularly in the Australian Outback. Therefore, a solar pump system can drastically reduce your company's diesel or electricity bill by using sunlight to power your water pumps. Why don’t you reap the benefits of a solar powered water pump?


Pumping with renewable energy was first recorded in the 19th century - using wind as the power source. Windpumps or windmills have since turned into an iconic structure in many countries, including Australia. Although those windpumps are still part of our rural landscape they have been superseded by solar pump systems which are more efficient, quieter, and require a lot less maintenance.


Among uncountable brands, manufacturers and suppliers, ‘Tuhorse’ has always been recommended as the most authentic, reliable and leading solar bore pump manufacturer and excellent service provider throughout Australia since its coming into existence. Our experienced, devoted and proficient employees provide the latest ideas through applying advanced technology and with our large accumulation of newest devices, with a view to bring out the safest, most efficient and durable product. When you hear the phrases “solar water pumps Aaustralia” or “solar powered water pump Australia” your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company - the industry leading team here at Tuhorse! For more information on our services, products and amazing solar powered pumps, contact us directly today.