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4" 1.5HP Pump End BF-09 (Free Delivery)

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6.00 KGS
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This pump end is compatible with Franklin 1.5HP or 2HP motor.

Pump requires work with 1.5HP or 2HP motor (240V or 415V).
Model:                                Tuhorse TH-BF-09
Maxiumum heads:            70m

Maximum flow:                  117L/min
Impeller stage:                   9
Outlet:                                 1.5'

Dimension:                        565x95mm

Litres per minute      Heads or Depth of Bore
17  lpm                                66m
33  lpm                                65m
50  lpm                                62m
67  lpm                                59m
83  lpm                                52m
100 lpm                               41m
117 lpm                               10M-28

BF-09   (BF-Series) pump curve


Pump material:

Delivery door & Suction support:          Brass alloy
Shaft:                                                        Stainless Steel $431
Pump Body, Cable cover:                      Stainless Steel #304
Filter, Shaft coupling:                              Stainless Steel #304
Bushing:                                                   Stainless Steel #420
Impeller:                                                    High intensity plastic-POM
Diffuser:                                                    High intensity plastic -PC