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4"10HP/7.5KW/415V Motor Only (Free Delivery)

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bore pump motor
32.00 KGS
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This 4” motor is comapatible with Franklin motor.

Motor Characters;

Power:                  10HP/7.5KW
Voltage:                Three Phase 415V/50Hz (+/- 10%)
Current:                 17.6A
RPM:                      2850
Weight:                  31kg

Conform to international standard of IEC34-ICE, whole blocked asynchronous motor squirrel cage rotor.
Outer shell, shaft and bottom made of stainless steel 304.
Brass alloy upper bracket
Swedish bearing or equivalent products can undertake higher thrust load.
Italian mechanical seal.
Pressure automatic adjusting device made of oil and waterproof reformed butyl rubber.
Flange connector conform to the standard of NEMA
Lacquer-coated wire conformed to USA standard of NEMA MW37-C.
Motor cooling oil is meet RoHS standard.

Degree of protection:                IP68
Insulation:                                    Class B
Water PH:                                   6.5-8.0
Maximum starts per hour:         30
Maximum submerged:              150m
Overload trip time:                     <10 Second (whenload is 5 times of rating current)
Flat water proof 4 wires power cable (include earth wire)


4" motor constitution