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Solar Pumps with Batteries connection

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Tuhorse Solar Pumps ( 36V/48V) have the option to connect batteries as well as your solar panels. We recommend using deep cycle batteries. Make the total voltage 36V or 48V depending on your solar pump’s rated power.

For example, for a 48V Solar Pump, you need to have 4 of 12V batteries and connect them in series, making a total of 48V.

We also recommend the solar panels total wattage should be 1.5 times more than the solar pump’s power rated. The Vmp (Voltage at Pmax) voltage should be higher than 60V.

Connect the batteries +/- terminals to the control box B+/B- terminals. Then switch to BAT.

During the day solar panels will supply power to your pump and also charge the batteries. If the solar panels power is low (e.g. cloudy or dark), the batteries will take over to supply power to the solar pump.

Once switched to BAT:

The “SYS” LED will keep flashing which means the solar pump is now operating in battery mode.

There is no voltage shown on B+/B- terminals until a battery has been connected to B+/B-.

When the solar panels are charging the batteries, the voltage on P+/P- should just be slightly higher than the batteries voltages B+/B-.