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Why choose Solar Pump over Windmill?

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For a long time, the windmill has been an iconic symbol in the outback. Windmills have had a crucial role in enabling the development in rural Australia. As new technologies emerge, solar pumps are slowly and steadily taking over the job from windmill as a superior alternative. The rise in popularity for solar pumps can be attributed to several crucial advantages. Firstly, solar pumps relatively cheaper than windmill, which mean less financial pressure on you. Secondly, solar pumps are easier to install and maintenance compared to windmill. Whereas windmill requires more to build, and it is difficult for maintenance service. Lastly, solar pumps are far more efficient to pump water, solar pumps would operate under sunlight for an average of 8-10 hours per day, which would provide more water than windmill. On the other hand, windmill pumps require natural wind to operate, which may not be sufficient every day. On top of that, solar pump system allows adjustable pumping speed and auto stop can be setup to ensure ideal flow rate for your water need.