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Why we choose 190W Mono Crystallite Solar Panel

Posted by Winston on 14th Sep 2016

 Solar Panel 190W Mono over 250W Mono/Poly – CrystallineWhy use Mono Crystalline over Poly Crystalline Solar Panel?The main reason to choose mono over poly crystalline is due to the difference

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Solar Pumps with Batteries connection

Posted by TuhorsePumps on 24th May 2016

Tuhorse Solar Pumps ( 36V/48V) have the option to connect batteries as well as your solar panels. We recommend using deep cycle batteries. Make the total voltage 36V or 48V depending on your solar p

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New Solar Pump Shipment Arrived.

Posted by Tuhorse Pumps on 12th May 2016

Our new shipment have arrived today. All outstanding Solar Pump orders will dispatch either today or tomorrow (Friday 13/05/2016).Tuhorse Pumps 

New Solar Pump Shipment Coming Soon.

Posted by bobby on 5th Apr 2016

We currently run out of stock in model 3"210W screw Solar Pumps. New shipment will arrive early of May. All orders of 3"210W solar pump will dispatch on 10/05/2016.26-04-2016 

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Holiday Break

Posted by Bobby liu on 10th Nov 2015

Due to the Christmas and New Years Holidays, Tuhorse Australia will closed from 14 Dec 2015 to 18 Jan 2016. We note that orders for the year must be placed and paid before or on 8 Dec 2015. Despatch

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