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Can you run Solar Pumps on 240V AC power?

Posted by Tuhorse Pumps on 24th Aug 2020

The short answer is YES, most solar pumps can be reconfigured to run with 240V/AC power source such as generators. Some of the solar pumps have integrated controller that can be powered by both DC( solar array) and 240V AC power. The power cable for these solar pumps is 2 wires plus 1 earth wire.

Majority small DC brushless solar pumps are rate at lower voltage such as 12V,24V,36V,48V or 96V. These type of solar pumps require an external control box to convert from DC voltage to pulse voltage for the motor by three wires power cable. The power cable for the motor must be three wires of same size without the earth wire. If 240V/AC power is used to operate these solar pumps, these low voltage pumps require an AC/DC converters to transform 240V/AC to 24V,48V or 96V/DC.

At Tuhorse Australia, we offer products such as converters to transform Australia 240V AC to either 36V/48V DC or 96V DC to work our range of Tuhorse solar pumps, Our 210w and 500w solar pumps run on 36V/48V DC, whereas the 1000w solar pumps require 96V DC to operate.

There is also option to power 36/48V DC pumps using battery mode when the solar panels are not used to operate the pump. Simply switch to battery mode inside the controller and connect the battery with sufficient power to run the pump.

(Please note: Our 4” 1000W 96V DC solar pumps do not have battery mode for safety reason. Battery mode is only available for 3”210W, 3”500W & 4”500W)

All Tuhorse solar pumps are made of quality stainless steel to ensure long lasting life and come with 24 months warranty. We also provide free shipping nationwide from our warehouse in Sydney, so there is no need for worries about freight cost for your order.

For any other enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone on 02-80052823