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What is the difference in Screw Solar pumps and centrifugal solar pumps

Posted by Ben on 23rd Sep 2020

The short answer is: Centrifugal solar pump would pump out larger volume of water but at lower pressure. Whereas screw solar pump would pump at higher pressure but less water flow. The main difference is in fluid transfer method: the centrifugal solar pump transfers water by using the impeller and screw solar pumps push water using the helical rotor.

Over the years, centrifugal pumps have been the default choice for many pumping applications due to its being the preceding technology. The pumping method of accelerated impeller rotates to push water allows centrifugal pumps to be ideal for higher water volume transfer applications.

With the relatively new technologies, screw solar pumps can be the more reliable and efficient alternative than centrifugal pumps. Although the helical rotor pushes out relatively lower volume of water, it can pump out fluid at a fix rate more consistently and efficiently.

Despite Centrifugal pumps can transfer larger fluid volume, they require a certain level of solar power to start pushing water. Hence, low sunlight hour such as early morning or evening may not provide sufficient power to run the centrifugal pump. Screw pumps on the other hand require lower solar power to operate, which allows the pump to start earlier in the morning and continue to operate longer into sunset. In short, screw pumps would run longer hour per day as they require lower solar power to operate compared to centrifugal pumps.

One advantage of centrifugal pump is it would operate until the end of its useful life without much servicing required. Whereas for screw pump, the rotor will require changes once it is worn out after an extended period of use to maintain high level performance. All screw pump packages include a spare rotor for replacement and extra stator set can also be purchased from our website.

At Tuhorse Australia, we offer a range of variety for both screw pumps and centrifugal pumps that would suit your water supply needs.

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