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Solar Pressure Pump 500W with 800W Solar Panels (Free delivery package)

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9.50 KGS
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This solar pump is suitable for pumping water from shallow bores, dams and rivers.  


Solar Pressure Pump Specifications:

Pump power : 500W/48V DC
Pump Type: Impellers
Maximum Suction: 5m
Maximum Heads: 35m
Maxium Flow (Rated at 48V/DC): 3200L/h
Outlet/inlet: 1"/25mm


Flow Rate (L/min)                Heads (m)
15L                                      25
26L                                      20
40L                                      14
47L                                      10
50L                                      5

Package include:
1 x Solar pressure pump (THSGJ 3.2-35-48) with 3m power cable
4 x200W Solar Panels
1 x Auto control box
2 x Y adaptors 
2 x 1.5m MC4 extension cable
24 months (Pump&Control Box) back to base warranty
Free delivery in Australia wide
User manual



Auto control box specifications;

Water level control of tank and bore by sensors
Motor speed adjustable
Low power protection
Solar and/or batteries power input option
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking system
Allow input power voltage up to 100V/DC (solar panel open circuit maximum voltage)