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3" 210W/36V Screw Solar Bore Pump with 3m cable & Free delivery

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Solar Bore Pump
21.00 KGS
Free Shipping

Solar Pump Package include;

3" 210W/36V stainless steel solar pump with 3M power cable
Auto control box

One spare helical screw rotor
2 x MC4 extension cable for solar panel to control box
1 x 40M & 1 x10M combined water sensor ( one for bore and one for tank) 
User manual
24 months back to base warranty

Pump Specifications:

Pump power:  210W/36V-DC
Model:             THS1.25-80-36/210
Pump type:      Helical screw
Max flow:         35/min 
Max heads:     80M
Outlet:              3/4"
Weight:           10kg
Dimension:    76mm x 400mm
Maximum submerge: < 30m


Auto control box specifications;

Water level control of tank and bore by sensors
Motor speed adjustable
Low power protection

Solar and/or batteries power input option
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking system
Allow solar input power voltage up to 100V/DC (solar panel open circuit voltage)
Optional backup battery 36V/DC

This pump is suitable for 3" or large bore. It used for pumping water from rivers, dams, creeks and springs and transferring water from one site to another.
It is easy to install and cost nothing to run after installation.
This helical rotor pumps do not require expensive inverters and batteries to operate, however the controller will allow the use of storage batteries if required.