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4" 3HP/2.2KW/240V Submersible Bore Pump A-30(Free Delivery)

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25.00 KGS
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Submersible bore pump package include:

3HP 240V/50Hz motor, A-30/3HP pump and 3HP starter box.
(upgrade to auto control box extra $85)

Model:                       TH95-A-30 
Power:                      3HP/2200W
Voltage :                   Single Phase 240V/50Hz
Current:                     14A
Max Heads:              236M
Max Flow:                 58L/min or 3500L/hrs
Inlet/Outlet:               1.25"
Weight:                     25Kg
Motor cable:              2m 4 wire flat water proof cable
Pump Dimension:    1560mm x 95mm
Warranty:                  12 months return to base warranty in Australia

More technical details about motor and pumps


This Tuhorse Pump dirmeter is 4"/100mm. It is suitable for a 5" or large bore well. Designed for domestic clean water use. It is suited for very deep bore or needed high pressure, better proformance heads from 78m to 210m deep. Maximum delivery: 3,500L/h water.

Litres per minute      Heads or Depth of Bore
17 lpm                                227m
25 lpm                                216m
30 lpm                                207m
33 lpm                                200m
42 lpm                                175m
50 lpm                                142m
58 lpm                                10M-107m


This submersible bore pump is packaged with a starter box, It can be upgraded to Auto control box with 6 water sensors for detect either bore or tank's water level. +$85.00
If extension cable more than 80m metre. The dual capacitor starter box are recommended, it much easy start up 3HP single phase motor.

Model A-30 3HP pump A series curve

Power cable recommended;
Drop Cable Selection Table

Cable length from motor to control box                       Cable size

0 to 30m                                                                                 4 wire x 2.5mm
30m- 50m                                                                              4 wire x 4mm
50m- 75m                                                                              4 wirs x 6mm

If you would like purchase extra submersible power cable from us, please go Accessories and Parts