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Upgrade 1.5HP Single Phase Auto Control Box

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3.00 KGS
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 This item must be purchased together with 1.5HP bore pump package to upgrade from starter box to auto control box

Power:                                         1.5HP/1.1KW
Voltage:                                       Single phase 240V/50Hz
Current:                                       8.6A
Capacitor:                                   35uf/450V
IP                                                  54
Water sensors voltage:             10V-12V
Control Switch:                           Auto/Manual

This is an automatic control box originally for 240V/50Hz single phase submersible pumps.

The controller automatically controls the pump motor as well as providing comprehensive pump protection and phase failure protection. It works in either auto or manual way

The box are metal casing, comes with 6 water probes. It is compatible with all 4-wires deep well pump in the market that required a capacitor to work.

Among these 6 probes, 3 are for monitoring the well's water level (up, mid and low) and the other 3 for monitoring the storage tank's water level. You can bypass either monitoring or both to just use it as a manual control box when needed.  With the automatic box installed, the pump will turn on and off automatically according to the water levels of both the tank and the well. This is extremely  important for using it in a well with only limited water supply, as the pump only should be operating when it submerse in the water to get enough cooling and lubrication by the water going through it.

If turn control switch to “manual”. The control box will works like starter box.

It can be installed at indoor or outdoor.