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4" DC/AC Hybrid Solar Pump with 8 x 275W (2200w) solar panel Package (Free Delivery)

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215.00 KGS
Free Shipping

Solar pump package include;

8 x 275W Poly Crystalline A grade solar panels brand New
4" DC/AC Motor with centrifugal Pump end
1 x Isolator Switch.   

1 x 6M MC4 extension cable for connect solar panels to control box
1 x  Splice kit for cable join.
User manual

24 months back to base (Sydney) warranty
Free delivery.

Switch box extra $350. This switch box allow pump auto/manual switch to AC or DC, Also have option to cut power off by sensor or pressure switch when water tank was full.



There are four pump end of packages depend on water flow require and total heads. ( head calculate from standing water level to top of water tank) Please pick up most suitable model when checkout. If you need us to help to select pump model. Please feel free to contact us.

Daily water flow calculated around 5-6 hours pumping in winter and 10 hours in summer. 

Solar Package with A12 pump end:                                                                    

Heads             L/min                          GPH   

100m                       15L                                200   
90m                         20L                                266   
80m                         30L                                400   
60m                         45L                                600   
40m                         55L                                733  
20m                         62L                                826


Solar Package with BF09 pump end:

Heads                 L/min                          GPH

80m                          15L                                200
70m                          40L                                533
60m                          48L                                640
40m                          70L                                933
20m                          85L                               1133
10m                          92L                               1226


Solar Package with A08 pump end:

Heads                 L/min                       GPH
110m                       30L                               400
100m                       45L                               600
80m                         60L                               800 
70m                         68L                               907
60m                         70L                               933
50m                         79L                               1053
40m                         80L                               1067
30m                         82L                               1093
20m                         84L                               1120
10m                         85L                           1133


Solar package with S14 pump end:

Heads                 L/min                        GPH
140m                    20L                           267 
120m                    28L                           373 
100m                    33L                           440
80m                      37L                           493 
60m                      40L                           533
40m                      45L                           600
20m                      50L                           667


You have to get below items by yourself: ( package do not include)

1, A stainless steel wire ( called safety cable) to hold pump in bore. If pumping water from dam or river, a float set up required.
2, Steel frames to support solar panels.  Solar Panel dimension: 1640 x 992 x 40 mm. weight: 19kg.
3, Poly pipe from pump to water tank. ( recommend 40mm diameter poly pipe or over )
4, 3 wire power cable (2 wires plus earth). we recommend cable size at least 2.5mm.  


Solar Pump Specifications:

  • Brushless permanent magnet motor.
  • Either DC/AC input motor, Built in MPPT controller with low power and low water protection
  • Motor output power from 750w-2200w, Input voltage from 90V-360V/DC ( maximum open circuit voltage <440V) or 240V/AC 
  • Motor are water cooling without mechanical seal and bearing, It last longer.
  • Motor and pump made by stainless steel 304
  • A12/A08 and S14 pump outlet: 1.25"/32mm and BF09 pump outlet: 1.5"/40mm 
  • All solar panels join in serial and maximum up to 11x275W


This pump is suitable for 5" or large bore. It used for pumping water from rivers, dams, creeks and springs and to transfer water from one site to another.
Ti is easy to install, all plug and go. cost nothing to run after installation.