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some of electric bore pump shortage now.

Posted by bobby on 9th Mar 2021

Some of our electric bore pump models are shortage at moment. We took off shortage models from website and relist them until new shipment  arrived end of March 2021. 

Solar panel price alert

Posted by bobby on 4th Nov 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for many industries and there is no exception for solar pump businesses. Several factors have impacted the cost of production for solar panels during the pandemic. The

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What is Total Dynamic Head (DTH)?

Posted by Ben on 28th Oct 2020

The Total Dynamic Head (TDH) is the total equivalent height that water need to lift vertically while also taking into account the friction losses in the pipe. You can use our DTH calculator to preci

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Can you run Solar Pumps on 240V AC power?

Posted by Tuhorse Pumps on 24th Aug 2020

The short answer is YES, most solar pumps can be reconfigured to run with 240V/AC power source such as generators. Some of the solar pumps have integrated controller that can be powered by both DC(

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